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First, the company R & D production and marketing of the main products are: Golden grain 5H series low temperature circulating grain dryer, grain 5L series stove

Second, to provide food drying line program design, installation, training and other services.

Golden grain 5H series low temperature cycle grain dryer features and advantages:

◆ Dryer design closely follow the world trend of technology, the production of first-class product quality.

◆ Dunshi structural parts timber, excellent quality of moving parts to ensure the stability and reliability of long-term operation of the main equipment.

◆ increase the remote control system, to improve management quality, optimize the drying process to provide technical means.

◆ remote status diagnosis can be achieved, although professional and technical personnel in the thousands of miles, but also like to visit the scene. Provide all-weather, all-round, seamless technical support.

◆ drying process temperature, humidity and other parameters throughout the record, in order to improve drying quality and efficiency to provide first-hand data. For the drying process level, management and drying capacity and quality improvement to provide unlimited space.

◆ Equipped with advanced and stable on-line moisture meter, the measurement accuracy is comparable to that of imported products. The design also fully considers the specific situations of domestic use, can independently adapt to a variety of conditions, and meets the stability of long-term stable operation. It is more adaptable to domestic products than imported products use.

Golden grain 5L series of environmentally-friendly suspension of bran stove features:

◆ Golden grain 5L series of environmentally friendly bran furnace is developed with the new technology, is a new generation of multi-purpose energy-saving and pollution-free heat source device, the product structure is novel, easy to use, high degree of automation, thermal efficiency up to 90%.

◆ Use a wide range of fuel, such as bran, crushed straw, etc. can be fuel. The bran furnace can continuously output the suitable temperature of the pollution-free hot air, advanced automatic control system, can accurately control the feed, fundamentally guarantee the quality of the dried material, widely used in food, all kinds of agricultural and sideline products drying.

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